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“The Church”: Divorce Parents Trying to Teach Followers How to Live

If you have ever been the child of divorced parents, then you are aware that parents seldom align in parenting when living in separate households. As a result, you might have been told not to eat dessert before dinner under one roof and that is okay to have a small dessert before dinner under another. The point I am bringing up is that when divided it is difficult to make sure one, cohesive message and set of rules are relayed. Even though both parents want what is best for their children, their inability to agree creates ambiguity about absolutes and obedience for the children.

“The Church”  (referring to the ecumenical church) today resembles this divorced household with the most prominent split being between Protestants and Catholics. As Christians, we have rationalized our separation to our own detriment. It has never been more apparent than in our inability to agree on how to live a Christ-like life, where we fall on social issues, and our own ambiguity about certain truths and absolutes. While we are entitled to some level of variation as individuals, these beliefs are not to be used as dividing factors. Paul explains this way of thinking concerning Christians and food rituals in Romans 14:22 “So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself by what he approves.” NIV

We should consider this same thinking on the minor differences for which we have created denominations. Are they worth the divorce, or can the be put aside for the sake of marriage and unity. As with any marriage, when it gets rough and we can no longer handle our disputes, we should turn to God for repair. Leaving the house or separating, does not solve the problem; it is avoiding it.

Are we willing to come back under the same roof and go through a period of marriage counseling as a Universal Church as Jesus prays for in John 17:23? He prays that we be in complete unity. This is the way He intended us as a Church to carry out our purpose for His kingdom. Or will the Bridegroom have to watch his bride come down the isle in pieces?

God did not intend for the Church Body to be in pieces. He does not intend for us to remain divorced and away from His will. Be willing to open your mind, so we as Christians can become of one mind.

Think about that.

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