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The Protestant-Catholic Connection

As you may know, I post interesting commentary on attitudes and factors affecting Christian unity, but I don’t think I emphasize what Reformation of Unity is or its goals enough. Of course, this information is on “The Movement” and “Mission” pages, but in case you missed it, I will refresh you on our purpose.

Our mission is to help followers align and unite in thought.

Basically, this movement encourages unity among all Christians and fosters that interest at every level. The end faith goal is that Christians will embrace Jesus’ prayer that we all be completely united and of one mind to carry out the Great Commission (John 17:23). While encouraging other Christian efforts of unity, this movement suggests that unity is most likely to occur by Protestants and Catholics uniting under the structure of the Catholic Church, which emphasizes the authority of the Bible in Christianity and provides apostolic protection for the interpretation of scripture. The second element is necessary for sustaining unity, as interpretation is often the reason for schisms. This shift of all Christians under the Catholic structure and doctrine will lead to the redefinition of the Catholic, Universal Church. Importantly, the term Christian will have a clear connotation that the outside world, which will improve Great Commission efforts in secular developed societies (What Jesus prays for in John 17:23 makes perfect sense). Unity will also give Christians a larger capacity to respond to social issues when efforts are not divided. Ultimately, the motivation of the movement is to bring glory to God through our obedience to His request. Complete unity is what he wants for us, and apostles repeatedly emphasize being of one mind and letting no division be among us (Philippians 2:2).

Below is a pyramid of the different ways Christians can be a part of the movement. There is capacity for all to be involved in some way in ways as they pray about the issues surrounding true universal Christian unity (Click here to view my post  The Ecumenical Lie to understand how I define unity).

The entry levels involve engaging in positive interdenominational interactions between Protestants and Catholics. This interaction generally leads to friendships and the attitude remodeling stage where we as Christians stop seeing each other through the us-and-them paradigm and recognize that we are all seeking truth in Jesus Christ. The intermediate level involves deeper investigations and requires theological and doctrinal research and comparisons coupled with constant prayer about the issue. The “immersed level” is where the action occurs. At this stage individual launch effort and events that educate others, foster positive community between Protestants and Catholics, and in some cases even convert to Catholicism with the belief and faith that unity can be established in this structure.

There is room for any Christian to be involved at some stage of the Ref of U movement. If you agree please share what this movement is about with your friends. Please do not underestimate the importance and revolutionary influence complete unity can have on the Christian community. Finally, be willing to encourage others to embrace being of one mind with other Christians out of obedience and love for Christ. Only by having real love for one another in the Christian community can we truly be united (Colossians 3:14).

The beginning stage is THE MOST IMPORTANT. When we interact with one another intentionally, we cannot help but love one another. The key word is intentional; you have to act—choose to love God through obedience (To love God is to obey His commands 1 John 5:3), choose love your neighbor as yourself (the second most important commandment Matt 22: 36-40)

Reformation of Unity

Ref of U starts with you!

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“Disclaimer: The conception of this movement occurred during a time I identified as Protestant. Check out the “Our Stories” page for more details. Currently, I am in the 3rd of supporting unity and now identify as “Cathotestant”.  My intention is not to start a right or wrong debate but draw attention to a structure God has consistently used to preserve principals of Christianity and one that has most effectively maintained unity. History and God’s Word speaks for itself. I hope this blog encourages you to do research on Christian history and the history surrounding the construction of the Bible. But remember none of these efforts will matter until you pray about this and ask for Holy Spirit guidance. Your goal should be on how you can exhibit love for God by gaining an understanding that will allow you to better obey His commands when you begin these interactions and research.”


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