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The Westminster Shorter Catechism  by Douglas Kelly and Philip Rollinson

For people who are already familiar with or attend churches with written doctrine, this is a great read for briefly reviewing the beliefs embraced by most Presbyterians and Reformed congregations. One of the ways research was conducted for this movement was by looking at what was similar between different doctrines and weighing the true significance of the differences. The main points of differences are below:

1. They say that only the Bible is a source of authority, known as solo scriptura.

2. They forbids worship with images (this may vary in interpretation from church to church).

3. They do not believe that all sin is equal.

4. Says that the Lord’s Super (communion) is only symbolic, not the actual presence of the flesh and blood which is called transubstantiation.

A discussion of these points is coming soon. This suggested reading is to encourage Christians to ponder whether these few differences are worth having a separate denomination.

The Essential Catholic Catechism by Alan Schereck

*Currently in the process of reading

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