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Growing up, I’ve had a diverse range of experiences in denominations under the Protestant umbrella. Raised Pentecostal, it was during my time in a Baptist middle school that I learned that there were differences in the way Christians perceived themselves and thought of salvation. Frustrated that Christianity wasn’t as simple as Christians being able to walk in any church and worship, I began to identify as nondenominational (before it became a “denomination”). But there was one title I hung fiercely to, and that was my title as Protestant since the one thing it seemed we could agree on was our distinction  from the Catholic Church. I knew God could work through us despite our difference, but I never felt comfortable with so much “variety”. Nevertheless, I made it my stance to be able to walk into any church and worship. There was one problem–I had to judge for myself which of these churches and doctrine a truly believed to be Christian, a responsibility that I felt uncomfortable doing.  My solution was to rule out the obvious denominations like Unitarians who were too inclusive and Mormons who were too exclusive using the Bible and prayer as references. During this time,  unity became something I grew passionate able.

Able to walk into any church with my new perspective, I chose to join a smaller branch of a nondenominational mega church whose doctrine resemble that of less conservative Baptists.  For a while, I felt satisfied until I had to relocate to an area with more traditional church selections. During this time, I joined a Presbyterian church and was shocked to learn that the division did not shop. To be specific, I found out that I join a Presbyterian USA church. While I enjoyed my time there and grew spiritually, I still identified only as Protestant. Once again, currently in another relocation situation, I see now more than anything the need for true Christian unity and oneness of the mind. I became discontent with the way churches distorted the mission of reaching people into appealing to people’s preferences. I notices a theme of church moving from being about God to being about our comfort or accommodating culture. These things are not necessarily wrong until they become such a big deal that they influence doctrine and where Christians choose to worship.  Just ask a Presbyterian to attend a Pentecostal church or a Baptist to walk into an Episcopalian church. There would be hesitation, and this should not be so if we truly are of one mind and see each other as brothers and sisters of a “universal” church. The reality is that division has caused us to see each others as stepbrothers and stepsisters. This is what a “universal” lie looks like, and Satan wants us to keep believing this lie that we are technically one body, with thousands of different minds. Though bizarre, this is how the outside world views our so called claims of “unity”. Our actions and multiple doctrines speak louder than our Gospel.

While God still works through our division, He did not call us to be divided. Jesus calls for complete unity in John 17:23. After prayer and asking God what I should do about my passion for this topic, the idea for Reformation of Unity manifested. Most shocking about what became clearer in this process was the depletion of the Protestant-Catholic divide as necessary. My passion for unity drove me to an unable zone. In order to defuse these feelings of discomfort, I began research and understand something that had been so alien to me. This blog consists of my thoughts  on that depletion process and how Christians can move towards REAL Universal Church through the adoption of a universal doctrine (compilation of fundamental, core beliefs). While these ideas may seen radical to some, they are ideas that I believe to be divinely inspired and are difficult for me to be completely comfortable with as well. I do believe I am to conform to God’s will, and He wills for complete unity. So, I am asking Christians to open there mind to God, put their agendas and preferences aside, and consider the magnitude of this movement to align. Image how the world would view us. Imagine how much more our ministries and the Gospel will be validated and magnified. How less confusing it will be to explain what Christianity is to someone confused by denominationalism. Imagine living in God’s will.

Let us not complain about the world’s moral decline, social unrest, and a degrading society when we refuse to mobilize as one powerful force to respond to it and collaboratively reflect the grace of God as intended. The world watches our “decline” as well.

His ways are not our ways. We are satisfied with division. He calls for complete unity.

Let’s raise to the call to live in His will.

Reformation of Unity

“A movement started by Protestants and sustained by members of the Universal Church”



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