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Suggested Reading:

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis give  a great depiction of simplified Christianity in this book, which covers the fundamentals of the Christian faith and what it looks like lived out. The book is highly recommended for all Christians because it explains Christianity without the fancy language of doctrine of theology with clear examples and explanations. In my experience, I have found that most Christians embrace Lewis’ “definition” of Christianity, and the book is read throughout a wide range of denominations. It is in my opinion, the most basic and universal explanation of our faith besides what is clearly spelled out in the Bible. This book is a great start for aligning our minds on a set definition of Christianity. I spells out what being a “Christ follower”, as instructed in the Bible, really means and what beliefs come with that. Examining his observations and ideas will help get our thinking on the same page about our identity.

A House United: How Christ Center Unity Can End Church Division by  Francis Frangipane

                       A House United: How Christ-Centered Unity Can End Church Division  -             By: Francis Frangipane

             *In the process of being reviewed

The Church Fractured: A Fresh Call to Unity by Finis Cavender Ph.D.

                                                        The Church Fractured: A Fresh Call to Unity  -             By: Finis Cavender Ph.D.

The Church Fractured by Finis Cavender Ph.D. is a great starting point to get and understanding of what Christian division looks like and how meticulous it will be to repair our separation. Focusing on salvation and the doctrines on this subject, Dr. Cavender defends the Bible as the main reference for Christians to base their foundation beliefs on. He is careful to state numerous Bible references on the topic of salvation, the conversation process, and what the Christian life should look like. His attempt is to construct Biblical basics that we can agree upon in hopes that we can at least get Christianity down to no more than four sects like the previous Jewish tribes of the Old Testament. Some key areas he focuses on are being able to agree on a selected number of Bible translations that are accurate, being willing to critique our own beliefs before criticizing others, and being able to truly love other Christians as much as ourselves.

Together in Christ by Victor Knowles

 *In the process of being reviewed.

The Brutal Unity: The Spiritual Politics of the Christian Church by Ephraim Radner

A Brutal Unity: The Spiritual Politics of the Christian Church  -             By: Ephraim Radner

*In the process of being reviewed

Radical Restoration by F. LaGard Smith

*In the process of being reviewed

Radical Together by David Platt

In this book, Platt does a beautiful job of spelling out the purpose of the Christian community and challenging Christians to live in true obedience to God. While Ref of U focuses on aligning Christians in thought, Platt focuses on the actions we should already be taking as a community and should continue to take. Ref of U is not just a movement calling Christians to be obedient to God in just complete unity; it all calls to continue living in obedience in all areas of our lives as a United Universal body of one mind. Platt is passionate about Christian communities serving their global purpose of spreading the gospel, which he points out as task that requires the abandonment of self for the glory of God. So too, as he calls the church to actively practice abandonment of what is good for what is best for God’s Kingdom, we should also consider this radical thought for our way of thinking. Radical is a great book for church leaders passionate not only about missions, but obedience to God’s will. The Universal Church has a global purpose, and this book defines that purpose well.

Another view to consider when reading Radical Together


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